MVT-602 is an oligopeptide kisspeptin analog that has the potential to be a safer alternative to human chorionic gonadotropin as part of assisted reproduction for the treatment of female infertility.



Kisspeptin plays a key role in egg maturation and ovulation by increasing the release of LH and FSH through the stimulation of GnRH secretion. During the process of egg maturation, FSH stimulates an ovarian follicle, the sac which contains the developing egg, to grow and the egg within it to develop.

We believe MVT-602, an analog of the naturally-occurring kisspeptin peptide in humans, may mimic natural physiology by inducing the LH surge during IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies, enhancing the likelihood of successful egg maturation and ovulation at the right time without the serious side effect of ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome, or OHSS. Severe OHSS has been reported to occur in up to 2% of the general assisted reproduction population, and in up to 20% of patients at high-risk for developing OHSS.

By acting upstream in the GnRH-axis to promote the release of physiologically normal levels of key hormones in the assisted reproduction cycle such as LH, kisspeptin analogs may have the potential to trigger egg maturation without causing OHSS. A recently published investigator-sponsored trial showed that in a population of 60 women at high risk for developing OHSS, a native kisspeptin peptide resulted in fertility rates of up 65.1% without any observed cases of moderate-to-severe OHSS. Myovant Sciences believes that MVT-602 has the potential to be a safe alternative egg-maturation trigger for women undergoing assisted reproduction for the treatment of infertility.